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Audit the Vote: Americans Deserve Election Integrity

NOV 11


The Democrats and their counterparts in the establishment media outlets have rushed out to tell us, the American people, that Joe Biden is the president-elect. Fortunately for the American people and the integrity of our Constitution, this election is far from over, despite the media’s incessant proclamations to the contrary. Both President Trump and Joe Biden have a responsibility to the people of this great nation to ensure that every legal vote is counted and that all instances and appearances of fraud are thoroughly investigated and adjudicated.

Judge Barrett Is An Intelligent, Independent Woman and It’s Driving Democrats Crazy

oct 15


The second day of the confirmation meetings for Judge Amy Coney Barrett to become a justice of the U.S. Supreme Court had a moment to remember. Senator Cornyn (R-Texas) observed that he and his Senate colleagues had voluminous binders, meticulously prepared by staffers, to use while questioning Judge Barrett. Cornyn asked her what she had on the note pad in front of her. With a smile, she held up an empty pad with only the letterhead of the U.S. Senate on it. 

Barrett Nomination Shows Trump Is Giving Power to Everyday Americans, Not Ivy League 'Elites'

OCT 14


President Trump was elected on a simple premise. For too long, the American and global elites had ignored the plight of the average American. Trump’s 2016 electoral victory was echoed in other nations with the Brexit vote and the “yellow jacket” protests in France. The president’s nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court shows that he continues to be committed to returning power to the forgotten people.

Will America Die Or Thrive? An Open Letter To The American People



2020 isn’t a normal year and it certainly isn’t a normal election. You see, normal elections are marked by Democrats attempting to buy votes with an endless array of government handouts, freebies, special interest priorities, or any number of other big government promises.

Historically in a normal election year, the Republican message has been focused, in large part, on simply counter-messaging the Democrats’ false promises. 

Promises Kept: Barrett Nomination A Win For America



President Trump’s nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the United States Supreme Court is one more example of the president keeping his promises. In 2016, he promised, “I am going to put in… great conservative judges, great intellects.” Judge Amy Coney Barrett fits this description well.

Her writings have been published by five different prestigious law reviews and she has taught at both George Washington University and Notre Dame University law schools. 

In The News

In the News

Breitbart: Exclusive–Conservative Leaders Press Trump to ‘Hold the Chinese Communist Party Responsible’ for Coronavirus

apr 29


BREITBART: A group of top conservative movement leaders are calling on President Donald Trump to hold the Chinese Community Party responsible for the coronavirus pandemic plaguing the United States and the world.


In a letter and a formal White House petition, the conservative leaders are pushing Trump to escalate tensions with Beijing as the United States slowly reopens nationwide after the coronavirus crisis rocked the country with more than a month’s worth of lockdowns.

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Breitbart: WashPost Compares Pro-Trump Teenagers to ‘Russian Trolls,’ Gets Them Banned from Social Media

NOV 11


Conservative digital activists were smeared as behaving like “Russian trolls” by a recent article in the Washington Post. The writer also made sure to reach out to both Twitter and Facebook to get the teenage activists banned.

The article goes to great lengths — even interviewing PhDs — to compare the teenagers to “bots,” even though the article presents no evidence that any accounts were not operated by humans, and to “Russian trolls,” even though the article acknowledges that the people in charge of the accounts were Americans.

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Breitbart: As Shutdown Lingers, Donald Trump Escalates Battle for Border Wall with Democrats

Dec 27


As the partial government shutdown affecting about a quarter of the federal government nears the one-week mark, President Donald Trump is escalating his battle for the border wall with Democrats, pushing for more funding for the barrier.

In a series of tweets on Thursday afternoon, President Trump called out congressional Democrats for opposing securing the border with a wall–and pointed out that the Democrats scuttled a previous opportunity for a deal that would have funded the wall in exchange for a permanent legislative solution on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).