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Our state is on the verge of being lost to the radical left for generations to come. Republicans are barely holding a one vote majority in the State House of Representatives and have only a razor thin margin in the State Senate. Simply put, I will not sit on the sidelines and let our great, freedom-loving state fall victim to the extremist agenda of the 2020 Democrats.

I believe that as public servants we must put the people we represent first and do everything in our power to ensure that government is limited and effective in the core functions that it undertakes. Upon being elected to the Higley School Board in 2012, I worked day in and day out to make our students, families, teachers, classrooms, and taxpayers our top priorities.


And since being elected to the Queen Creek Town Council in 2016, I have worked tirelessly and collaboratively to make Queen Creek the most free, prosperous, and vibrant community possible.

Legislative District 12, Gilbert and Queen Creek, has been blessed for many years with principled, stalwart conservative leadership.  From then Senate President Andy Biggs (now Congressman Biggs) to State Senator Eddie Farnsworth and House Majority Leader Warren Petersen to Representative Travis Grantham, Arizona's twelfth legislative district has served as a Constitutional anchor at the State Capitol.  I intend to contribute to this legacy as a defender and champion of freedom, free markets, opportunity for all, limited government, fiscal responsibility, and family and religious liberty.


Gilbert & Queen Creek, and the people who call them home, are the embodiment of the all-American charm, character and values that have made our nation exceptional for generations.  Our communities' and our state are simply too important to lose.  


I have been honored to have your support during my service on the school board and town council, and I would be honored to have your support for the State House of Representatives.