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Gilbert & Queen Creek, and the people who call them home, are the embodiment of the all-American charm, character and values that have made our nation exceptional for generations. Our communities' and our state are simply too important to lose.  


Jake is a solid conservative and would make a great legislator.


Warren Petersen,

AZ House Majority Leader

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Free and fair elections are a cornerstone of American exceptionalism and a fundamental civil right that must be protected at all costs.


Taxation will never create opportunity or prosperity, it will only stifle them.

executive power

A government powerful enough to close your church or business is a government that has grown far too large and must be reigned in.

border security

America needs a secure border, not because we hate those outside of our borders, but rather because we love the people Inside of them.

excellence in education

Arizona children deserve the best educational opportunities in the world and should have the freedom to choose the environment that serves them best.

thriving families

Families are the glue that holds our nation together. We must do everything we can to protect the sacred rights of families in all aspects of life.

defending life & religious liberties

It is a civic and moral imperative that we defend the lives of those most innocent among us and protect our foundational right to worship as we see fit.

data privacy & censorship

The exploitation of our private, personal data and silencing of free speech by big tech is out of control. We must fight back.

wasteful spending

There is no such thing as "government funded." There is only taxpayer funded and, as such, every penny must be spent with maximum discretion.

second amendment

Shall not be infringed. Period.

free market & jobs

We must get government out of the way, so that innovation, progress, opportunity, and prosperity can reach new, unimaginable heights for all.

arizona strong

As our founders intended, Arizona must stand up and fiercely oppose the dangerous, freedom-crushing agenda of corrupt politicians in Washington DC.

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